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Why our fronts?

Everything you need to know
about the fronts

Timeless design

In both collections, the models of the fronts have been developed to combine current trends with universal design and functionality.

Local quality

Fronts are made by local craftsmen with many years of experience in their field. In the production process, we use the available technology; however, elements requiring high precision, such as folding veneer sheets, are done manually.

Norwegian Wood Collection

The Norwegian Wood collection is made on blockboard (pine solid wood strips) for the Stripe model and robust particle board for the other models, all covered with a natural veneer and coated with a lacquer.

Terra Collection

The models in the Terra collection feature lacquered 18 mm matte MDFs. On the inside, we use white laminate. The actual dimensions of the fronts are 3 mm less than the measurements given in the system.

More than just fronts

Cover panels and plinths

Cover panels and plinths are the finishing touch that can be used to mask the side / top of your base, complement the edges of corner cabinets, or fill the space between the wall and kitchen furniture. You may provide the exact measurements that you need or choose one of the standard sizes and make any adjustments by trimming the required fragments during their assembly.

Regardless of the front type, side panels are always plain. In the Norwegian Wood collection, they are veneered on each side, including edges, and in the Terra collection, on the inside, the panels are finished with white laminate and a 10 cm lacquered belt around the edges.

IKEA Solutions

Our fronts fit perfectly the IKEA METOD cabinets.They can be used with all built-in appliances.

Well handled opening

The ideal addition to our designs are Plankton handles: Luciola brass knob, Luciola brass handle and brass Eclipse knob filled with terrazzo.

The handles, designed by Ola Munzar, received the 2017 Must Have Award at the Łódź Design Festival and became a finalist in the DOBRY WZÓR 2018 contest organized by the Institute of Industrial Design.

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