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Frequently asked questions

Orders and returns

What is the expected delivery time?

The production and delivery will take about 8-11 weeks (depending on your location) from the moment you finalise your order and compromises of fronts' production, packaging and delivery.

When will my order be processed?

Your order will be processed once the payment has been fully completed.

Can I purchase colour samples?

We encourage you to buy samples as the colours on the monitor of your computer might be distorted. If you want to have absolute certainty of the selected colour, please order a sample from our website. The estimated delivery time is about 5 working days.

Can I consult my order before the final transaction?

The elements selected by you in the configurator will form a purchase list available at the link generated at the top of the order. You can share this link with another person or, if you have doubts, send it to us by e-mail, together with the project of your kitchen in the IKEA Planner. If we find any inconsistencies, we will let you know. If everything is correct, you will be ready to place the order. Once we receive your payment, we will start to process the order.

Please verify the purchase list of the selected elements before finalizing the order. Even if we help you with the quotation, in the end, you are the person responsible for the elements included in the purchase list.

Can I cancel my order or return a product?

Our fronts are custom-made for each order, therefore we kindly ask that you consider your purchase. The order cannot be cancelled once it has been received. By making a payment, you accept purchase agreement and our Terms and Conditions. If you want to have absolute certainty of your order we encourage you to purchase samples from our collections. Alternatively, please contact us before completing the payment of your order.


How do I mount the fronts?

Our fronts have the same drilled holes as IKEA fronts, so any renovation team will be able to assemble them with ease (door clicks onto hinges mounted to the cabinet; while to assemble drawers you will only need a screwdriver). Please be careful during assembly as this is when the fronts are the most exposed to damage (they are lifted, put down, moved around, hit on the edges etc.) Please remember our warranty does not cover mechanical damages occurred due to improper assembly.

Technical side - planning your kitchen with IKEA

How can I order custom-sized panel?

The surest option is to choose the panel in standard size suggested by IKEA and cut the parts according to your needs. Then you will not be surprised by any dimensional inaccuracies. However, if you want your panels to have a specific dimension, you can select them in the configurator using the option of ranges or by entering the desired dimension in the comment section of the panel with a standard dimension (we will only consider it, if the entered panel dimension is smaller than its selected size).

What are the masking panels for?

Panels are used e.g. to hide the side of the last cupboard, to supplement the alcove between the cupboard and the wall so that the kitchen perfectly fills up space, or to mask the edges of a corner cupboard. The panels are 18 mm thick. The default height of the panels is such that they reach the floor, covering the legs on the side as well. However, you can choose individual panels that are 8 cm shorter, covering only the cabinet. If your kitchen ends with an appliance that does not have a cabinet (a washing machine or a dishwasher), choose a panel that is 18 mm thick, as the countertop will rest on it. The panel can also be used to cut out masking panels for corner cupboards and all other elements.

Which fronts should I choose for the corner cabinets?

Choose two pieces of a standard 25x80 door for the 88x88 corner cabinet.
Choose a standard 60x80 door for the 128x68 cabinet and a 20x80 panel, from which you will cut two masking slats.

Do the fronts have drilled holes for handles/knobs?

You may apply any handles that you desire to your FRØPT fronts. We do not drill holes, their spacing and location depends on individual preferences. Pre-drilling for handles is most often performed on already installed fronts.

Will the fronts fit non-IKEA kitchen appliances?

It is important that your kitchen appliances fit the IKEA cabinets, however these measurements are usually standard for all appliances, whether they are purchased at IKEA or elsewhere. You may adjust all fronts to the appliances by assembling the hinges that come with the product.

Apart from kitchen base units, what else do I have to buy at IKEA?

At IKEA you need to purchase hinges, door dampers, push openers, hardware and accessories. If you are preparing your design online in the IKEA Planner, create the kitchen with the fronts. This will allow all the needed elements to be added to your order. Then, right before the last step of finalising your purchase, delete the fronts from the list.

What color of IKEA cabinets should I order?

If you plan to order fronts in darker colors, we recommend purchasing dark brown IKEA cabinets. In case of choosing lighter colors, white cabinets will work better.


Can I make fronts that aren't matching the IKEA furniture system?

Yes. In this case, we don’t prepare the fronts for installation from the inside. Hinge boxes and drill holes for drawer assembly must be made on your own.

Can I order fronts in any colour?

Apart from the tones available in our collection, you can order fronts in any desired colour. The minimum size of the order is 1m2. In the case of selecting your own colour, please enter the number of the NCS or RAL sample into our configurator. RAL and NCS samples are the most popular colour pallets used in interior design and you will find them in every hardware store.


What does the delivey look like?

We will send the fronts to you via an insured parcel delivery.

All of our fronts are send via a pallet delivery, the courier will drop the fronts off at the provided address but will not deliver them into your home. For this reason, we kindly ask that you organize pick-up from the courier. The cost of the pallet delivery depends on the size of the order and its destination.

Can I arrange delivery for a fixed day/time?

Once the fronts are ready to be shipped we will inform you so that a delivery date can be confirmed. On the day we send the fronts, you will receive a shipping list that will help you track the parcel or find the courier’s contact information. The fronts are usually delivered within 48h; however, this may differ in particular instances. To make the delivery easier we provide the courier with your telephone number.

My kitchen isn't ready yet. Can you store my order?

Please bear in mind that we do not have the facility to store your order. If you want your order to be delivered later than 8 weeks from its purchase, please let us know at the stage of buying your fronts. This way we can adjust production process to a delivery date that will work best for you.

What should I do if my parcel arrived damaged?

Please remember to check the package before you accept the delivery. If the parcel is damaged, report this issue to the courier and do not accept the delivery.

What should I do if the fronts arrived damaged?

Please check your fronts right after receiving the delivery. If you notice any mechanical damages, please take a photo and attach it to the email describing the damage. Please send this message to within 24 hours of receiving the fronts and before proceeding with their assembly. In such instances we will aim to send replacements as soon as possible. Mechanical damages reported after this time frame will not be revised.

Taking care of your fronts

How to keep the lacquered and veneered fronts clean?

Use a soft, wet cloth to clean the fronts. To remove oily marks and fingerprints, use a mild detergent, a solution of water and vinegar, or a dishwashing liquid, and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth to make sure there are no smudges. Avoid using strong detergents, hard sponges, and vigorous scrubbing, as dust particles setting on the surface of the fronts may scratch them.

What can you expect from lacquered fronts?

Fronts made out of varnished MDFs are naturally susceptible to scratching and chipping as a result of being hit with a hard object. This is a characteristic feature of any varnished surface. The MDFs themselves do not crack or delaminate if used correctly. Damaged varnish may be repaired by revarnishing the entire front or by covering up the individual spots. The durability of MDFs and the possibility of repairing their external layer makes them a high quality solution.

What can you expect from veneered fronts?

A natural veneer retains the properties of the wood and, as a result, is an unique material that features various shades, tree rings, and snags. There is no perfect wood that is free from defects. Imperfections in the form of chipped spots are not a defect of the wood, but a natural feature emphasizing its character and beauty. The goal of the varnish coating the veneer is to maximize protection against damage. Damaged varnish may be repaired by revarnishing the entire front or by covering up the individual spots. The color and structure of the wood may change within time, depending on exposure to light, humidity in the room, and other external factors.


When opting for non-IKEA fronts will I lose the warranty for the rest of my kitchen?

You will not lose your warranty as IKEA does not sell kitchen as a whole - each part is sold separately. Each part has a 25-year warranty (cabinets and hardware). Pairing Ikea elements with other brands' products does not influence the warranty.

What is the warranty on FRØPT fronts?

Our fronts are covered by a 2-year warranty. As they do not contain any elements that can be mechanically damaged, the only part that may result faulty is the material used in their production. Any potential faults will be noticeable in this time frame. We recommend that you take extra care during installation as this is when the fronts are exposed most to any potential damages (they are moved around, hit on the edges etc.). Please remember our guarantee does not apply to damages caused mechanically or fronts that have been used inappropriately. If you however follow the manufacture instructions, you will be able to enjoy your FRØPT fronts for years. You will find out more about our guarantee on the terms and conditions of our website.