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Our approach to creating
a curated and functional kitchen

FRØPT is an online brand that produces fronts and panels fitted to Metod kitchen and Pax wardrobe. We believe that a well-thought-out choice of what surrounds us has an impact on us. Objects, even those very common, are carrying an emotional charge. The simplicity and universal nature of FRØPT designs will help you to feel special in your kitchen every day, spending your time there with pleasure, not only when cooking.

We ship our fronts to the whole Europe, but produce all of the fronts and panels in local workshops in Poland. This proximity enables us to limit the carbon footprint and makes us sure about the quality. We are counting on the specialists that provide their craftsmanship.

We only produce what's needed. As we are an on-demand only company, we don't use any warehouses nor produce fronts that are waiting to be sold. We want to make FRØPT as sustainable as possible.

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