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How to order?

Prepare the IKEA kitchen plan
Plan the layout of the cupboards using the IKEA Planner or with a consultant at the store. If you are unsure about the dimensions of your kitchen, use the measurement service at IKEA. When you have your design ready, buy the cabinets and internal equipment, remembering about the necessary accessories and hinges, but without fronts.
Order FRØPT fronts
Once you know how many fronts you need, their type and measurements, select the FRØPT colour and model. Samples will help you make your decision.
We will send the fronts to you via an insured parcel delivery. All of our fronts are send via a pallet delivery, the courier will drop the fronts off at the provided address but will not deliver them into your home. For this reason, we kindly ask that you organize pick-up from the courier. The cost of the pallet delivery depends on the size of the order and the destination.
Install your kitchen
Mounting FRØPT fronts is exactly the same as mounting regular IKEA fronts. You can do this with the help of any maintenance team (door clicks onto hinges mounted to the cabinet; while to assemble drawers you will only need a screwdriver) or by ordering the IKEA installation service along with your kitchen. When choosing the IKEA installation service please make sure you mention this will include assembling your own fronts. It’s best to organize the assembly once we inform you about the final date of shipment of the fronts.
Do you have any questions?